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Aug 17, 2017

Labor Unions Get Behind Ryan Torrens for Florida Attorney General

August 15, 2017

Florida Representative Amy Mercado Endorses Ryan Torrens for Florida Attorney General

Democratic Attorney General Candidate Ryan Torrens Promises Big Pharma Lawsuit

Two Democrats Legislature Back Ryan Torrens Attorney General

August 10, 2017

State Representative John Cortes Endorses Ryan Torrens for Florida Attorney General

July 26

Ryan Torrens to Tampa Electric Stop Putting Profits Ahead of Worker Safety

July 24, 2017

Five Questions for the Democrat Running for Attorney General

July 23 2017 

Ryan Torrens on Radio with Rob Lorei

July 21,  2017

Ryan Torrens Political Outsider  Running for Attorney General, says he's What Florida Democrats need

July 18, 2017

Ryan Torrens Announces Past Battle with Alcohol Addiction

July 16,  2017 

Channel 8 News: Ryan Torrens with Paul Mueller

Bay News 9: Ryan Torrens on Political Connection with Al  Ruechel

July 5,  2017 

Attorney General candidate Ryan Torrens calls out Rick Scott for attempt to pack Supreme Court

July 3, 2017

Message to Governor Scott: Protect Our Peoples' Private Data

Ryan Torrens takes stand against Governor Scott's Court Packing Scheme

July 2, 2017

Ryan Torrens Takes Stand Against Governor Scott's Court-Packing Scheme

June 23, 2017

Tampa Bay News 10:  Ryan Torrens saved Riverview family home from foreclosure.

June 23, 2017

HOA could foreclose on home over unpainted mailbox

June 9, 2017

Riverview family gets to keep home in settlement with association after $150 dispute

June 2, 2017
William March: Tampa Attorney Ryan Torrens Announces run for attorney general

May 30, 2017
Attorney General Foreclosure attorney to announce AG bid

May 24, 2017
Citing need for ‘new energy,’ Ryan Torrens becomes first Democrat in Attorney General race

May 22, 2017
Democrat takes first step to run for Attorney General

March 30, 2017

Riverview couple may get reprieve from foreclosure over $150 association fee

March 18, 2017

Ryan Torrens: On the Commons Radio Shows

March 2, 2017

Riverview family's loss in court shows how HOA lawyers pile fees

February 22. 2017

Family Forced from home over $150 HOA fee


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